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"Inflow to the pond"

Inflow to the pond was so irresistible that Samantha again returned to this place. It was cloudy, but the mud in the muddy creek was so tempting that she could not help the temptation to try again feeling to be covered with mud. At first she tried what is the depth of the mud in the creek. Then she had to flooded brand new Wellingtons with mud and water. When she was checked how much dirty she is going to enjoy the mud even more. She crawled muddy creek at the end of a nice afternoon. All this in a new Wellingtons with dalmatian pattern.

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"A pleasure, frame by frame"
You can watch this video as normal, but if you watch it for the first time, frame by frame, not knowing quite what is going to happen next, it will give you hours of pleasure. Opus 21, with the mud slowly rising, has quality and artistry. north2, 11/23/14
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