A Small Pond Was Discovered on a Walk.
Starring the following model:
"Very first video with Samantha"

Samantha went out for a walk, and she discovered a small pond. But it began to rain and strong wind, and she could not really explore what the little pond behind the mystery. Water surface was covered with watermeal and also the strong wind and rain did not allow it. When she found out how deep the pond is, she went to the pier and jumped right in the middle of the pond. Next time maybe she'll get lucky and really explore the pond. She was dressed in black shiny leggings, overknee leather boots and winter jacket.

File count:1
Total size:285.84 MB
Total runtime:7 mins, 41 secs
Date added:7/22/12
Year produced:2012

Includes the following file:
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285.84 MB
7.7 minutes

"The boot lovers would like this"
bryce  1/13/14

It's a boot-video and I knew going in that would be the emphasis. And the first entry into the pond is wonderful. The location/scenery/rain is lovely. I liked the outfit very much and yes, she does do a wonderful leap into the pond... but as soon as she lands there's an edit to about 10 seconds later--splash hadn't even settled and they cut it. I confess I was sad/let-down by this.
Good photography and ambient sounds. The model doesn't speak (for better or worse... this is up to you.)
If you like boots and wading this might be for you. If you are looking for a quality winter jacket jumping into a lovely pond this is not the one. But it's a boot video and the boot-scenes are well done.

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