Betty Is Stuck in the Mud
Starring the following model:
"PVC pants and over the knee boots"

Betty in brand new PVC trousers were pulled on a new leather over the knee boots, and she went on a beautiful sunny day to see how it looks drained pond. She was trying to move to the other side of the pond through a small creek but this task has proved very difficult. She was glad to get out of deep mud back home. New experience with deep mud she enjoyed so much that she was looking forward to a new adventure in the deep mud.

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"Amazing outfit and mud"
Wow, those chunky platform boots are amazing! And I love the casual outfit with the black top, scarf and jacket. Betty is hot and it's great to see her walking slowly from the shore into deeper and deeper mud before she gets really stuck. The mud is excellent and very sticky. The video is not too short, not too long. It was a good decision that it skips forward sometimes, so the video has enough variety and action to keep your interest, without getting the feeling of missing out. Nice close ups on the boots as well. This type of boots and casual outfit is rare to find in fetish videos, so if you like this, it's an absolute must buy! zomp76, 8/27/16
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"Lovely lady in muddy distress!"
This is a great video, and watching the beautiful Betty sink into the mud and get stuck just wonderful. I hope we see a lot more of her. And Samantha, why don't you come to this spot? Wear black Otk rubber riding boots, very tight red leggings and black top. With your experience I would expect you to sink at least waist deep, and it would be great watching you get really stuck, and in deep, for a change! Billsinkers, 10/28/15
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