Deep Mud Pit
Starring the following model:
"She'll stay clean or not?"

The very first video in which Samantha own new chest waders. A gift from a friend from U.K. made her very happy. Sam can went exploring deep mud pit so that she hope for her body stay clean and dry. She was submerged for the first time in her life in the mud up to her breasts. It was riotously amusing experience, even if it was very strenuous for her. Sam tried to stay clean and dry until the end of filming, but it turned out unexpectedly.

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"Deeper is always better"
ostlandr  10/25/14

Well done video. Samantha, even without dialog, conveys to the viewer that she is just a bit nervous about really deep mud- but likes it anyway. A must for waders fans as well as stuck-and-sinking fans. You get to watch her put on her new (very squeaky) waders, then explore a really nice deep, thick, sticky bog. Her muted squeals of fear/pleasure are delightful. Lots of struggling, and some mudplay at the end. She then goes to wash off her very muddy waders in a pond- oops! She didn't manage to stay dry. Some very nice wetlook at the end as she's removing and draining her waders. T-shirt + stretch denim leggings = perfect wetlook. :-) Did I mention that Samantha is hot?

"Yet again another brillant movie."
jr2007  6/14/14

Another brilliant video, Samantha in chest waders is awesome, this film has it all mud water and waders, simply superb. Hope we see more of this in the future!

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